Intel Youth Rock Stars Summit Recap

I had a great time at Intel HQ last Friday. I didn’t know what to expect but I walked away surprised that the big chip maker is a lot more than just a big chip maker. They’re investing a lot in researching some radically innovative new technology. I shot some interesting videos and walked away pretty impressed.

Entering Intel…

The first device that makes me care about both wireless sensors and cleantech is like Mint for energy (sorry for the low volume, the video was shot on my phone):

I’ve never heard the term WiDi until yesterday but this Wireless Display technology is almost-perfect (you can see the delay in transmission near the end). Again, sorry for the low volume:

I was having too much fun with this webcam-based augmented reality game to pay attention to the parallel processing technology behind it:

You can also check out photos of the event on flickr and I made a Twitter List for the other attendees. Thanks to Intel for hosting the event; I’d love to go again next year!

  1. February 9th, 2010

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