Awared 4th place at the CSUA Hackathon

I had a great time this last weekend at the CSUA Hackathon on the UC Berkeley campus. Basically, about 100 people got together for 18 hours (from 6 pm Friday to noon Saturday) to build the coolest things they could in that time frame. There were about 30 teams and definitely not enough food. Long story short my team (me, myself, and I) got 4th place for Slipstream, a twitter client that filters your stream based on things that are relevant to you! has a clip of me presenting Slipstream on Saturday but stay tuned for my own screencast (with better video and audio quality).

UPDATE: Check out Slipstream here.

Having gone to this hackathon and SuperHappyDevHouse in July, I think the best thing about these events is just having a good opportunity to focus and the pressure to finish something. It doesn’t have to be pretty or stable or complete or even entrepreneurial. Showing an awesome demo of something you didn’t think was possible to a room full of other crazy engineers leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment. I really encourage you to do a hackathon and surprise yourself in that short time period by actually building something instead of just talking about it.

Fun fact: I participated in this same event last year (last photo in the post). The result was ableset, a fun project that I briefly considered doing as a startup.

  1. I completely agree. I went to the Startup Weekend a couple months ago and came out with that same feeling. See my post on it :

    • artvankilmer
    • February 11th, 2010

    @Shanti Cool! Glad you found it as rewarding as I did.

  1. March 19th, 2010

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