Firefox 4 Home Tab Concept

I just submitted an entry for the Mozilla Labs Design Challenge Winter ’09. It deals with the new home tab in Firefox 4. The home tab will replace the home button as a persistently open tab that shows a Firefox-hosted start page.

The challenge from Mozilla Labs was to design what would go in this new tab. Whereas most of the other entries focused on complicated metrics and cramming a ton of already existing browser features into the tab, I took a much simpler route in my design.

In my concept, each browser window is treated like a task that you can name, organize, and switch between via the home tab. You can think of tabs as sub-tasks or just things that help you accomplish your main task. Now beginning users, who typically stick to just one window or tab, can do more than one thing at a time while heavy multitaskers can stay organized instead of drowning in many windows & tabs.

  1. This gets even better with virtual desktops/workspaces, like the cube in most Linux distributions and VirtuaWin for Windows.
    The different windows can be open in different workspaces.

    It should also list bookmars, etc, for you so that you can open them quickly. You should also be able to save a window/task for later use, similiar to how I’m using SessionManager sometimes.

    And a quick search method for finding tabs would also be nice.

    • artvankilmer
    • February 18th, 2010

    Thanks for the feedback Natanael! I like your points and just wanted to keep the first version I suggested dead simple because many of the other concepts stuffed the home tab with too many things.

    I especially like saving a window/task for later use. This makes me think of treating this like a real to-do list within your browser and makes a lot more sense than keeping windows and tabs open until you’re done with them, which doesn’t scale if you’re working a on a bunch of things.

    Did you submit an entry? Which others did you like?

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