I Want to Make Twitter More Relevant for You

Twitter is the latest culprit in making information overload an even bigger problem than before. And between geolocation, the real-time web, and firehose this & that, the amount of info coming at us will only increase.

There is simply too much stuff coming at us every day. And too much of that stuff is what your neighbor’s dog had for breakfast or what Lady Gaga is wearing, meaning, completely irrelevant to me. But I know there’s signal in all that noise, and I believe it’s worth finding.

I’m not going to resist the firehose because it won’t slow down. I’m going to help.

Meet Slipstream.

Slipstream is a Twitter client that filters your entire stream for tweets that are relevant to you. It determines what you’re into by looking at your favorites and then it just works. No specifying keywords, no figuring out how much you want to see from every person, no putting people into special lists. It’s that simple. Drink from the firehose without drowning.

People shouldn’t be overwhelmed with what they don’t need. Help me take this to the next level by signing up today (you’ll get early access and a big discount at launch)!

P.S. This all started in February, when I did pretty well at a certain Berkeley hackathon.

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