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Metrics Showdown: Mixpanel v. KISSmetrics v. Google Analytics

NOTE: This post describes Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics as I used them in Spring and Summer 2010. At least Mixpanel has changed substantially since then. I’m planning to do an updated post.

If you’re building a new web app, you’d rather focus on the app instead of building complex data collection tools. You need a metrics solution along the lines of Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, or Google Analytics. But which should you use and why?

I evaluated Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics with an early prototype of Slipstream, a new web-based Twitter client. I had previously built my own tool for collecting and reviewing user data but thought that I could save time using an existing solution. I picked these three tools because they were the main metrics tools I had heard of. I used most of the client-side features of all three tools.

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Is Your Landing Page Just Collecting Email Addresses?

Most new product landing pages suck because they miss out on opportunities to learn more from people. Your page can articulate a great value proposition with clear benefits, strong credibility, clean design, and the perfect call to action but it’s lacking if all you’re doing is capturing a stranger’s email. How much can you really learn from an email address?

I believe the perfect landing page for a new product is somewhere between a single field form and a survey. No one likes answering a ton of questions but that doesn’t mean all you should ask for is an email address.

So how can you improve your next landing page? Here’s my approach:

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