Hi, I’m Arthur Klepchukov (a.k.a. Art Van Kilmer), a 20-something web developer, designer, entrepreneur, and writer. I’ve moved over a dozen times (between eastern Europe, Chicago, DC, and Virginia) before landing at UC Berkeley and emerging with a BA in Cognitive Science, a minor in Computer Science, and a hunger for entrepreneurship. I’ve worked for the federal government (NIST), a research lab (UC Berkeley RAD Lab), a VC firm (Venrock), and freelanced before starting my first startups: Outspokes and Slipstream. I write poetry, enjoy sushi, and want to build a company with insanely useful products and services.

I’m interested in:

  • Startups
    …from idea to success (however you define it)
  • Design
    I’m a sucker for great typography, good color choices, the Gestalt Principles, & an effective user experience.
  • Development
    Ruby on Rails, CSS, jQuery, and the good ol’ command line are where I live day-to-day. I love building things. Blame it on my mom who gave me that first bucket of Legos.
  • Efficiency
    Time is precious and not just when running a startup. I love my tools but am always pushing for better ones and stronger processes.
  • Publishing
    I don’t write just for myself ;)

See what I’m working on or connect with me on twitter.

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