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Is Your Landing Page Just Collecting Email Addresses?

Most new product landing pages suck because they miss out on opportunities to learn more from people. Your page can articulate a great value proposition with clear benefits, strong credibility, clean design, and the perfect call to action but it’s lacking if all you’re doing is capturing a stranger’s email. How much can you really learn from an email address?

I believe the perfect landing page for a new product is somewhere between a single field form and a survey. No one likes answering a ton of questions but that doesn’t mean all you should ask for is an email address.

So how can you improve your next landing page? Here’s my approach:

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3 Ways to Fail at Customer Development

For the last few weeks, I’ve been auditing Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Customer Development and the Lean Startup class at UC Berkeley. I’ll discuss the class as a whole in another post but I wanted to share a great talk we heard tonight from the co-founders of Flowtown: Ethan Bloch and Dan Martell. They shared customer development mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from them. The following are my notes from their talk.

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