Current Projects

  1. blinks of awe
    An interactive collection of poetry you can see, touch, and hear. The first poetry book of it’s kind in the iBookstore.
  2. Arsenal of Words
    My writing.
  3. Slipstream
    Twitter filtered just for you. Drink from the fire hose without drowning. Get early access now!

Past Projects

  1. Outspokes
    Forget project management tools, bug trackers, email, and screenshots – Outspokes allows you to collaborate directly on your web site via a powerful widget. I co-founded Outspokes based on a software engineering class project in my last semester at Berkeley.
  2. foursquare local specials
    A Yahoo Pipe I build to monitor specials for foursquare users in Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville, CA. Feel free to clone and adapt to your area! 500+ people already have.
  3. Dusk Designs
    A personal portfolio of creative work. Quite old but I’m still fond of the design & material.


  1. Spotlight: Outspokes by Arthur Klepchukov and Jerry Cheung
    Blogger-extraordinaire Serena Wu interviews my co-founder Jerry and me about our first company, Outspokes.
  2. Track New Foursquare Deals And Easily Drink For Free
    My first mention on TechCrunch, thanks to the foursquare Yahoo Pipe I built.
  3. UC Berkeley teaches Ruby on Rails
    The Ruby on Rails blog briefly discusses the CS class I TA’ed for 3 semesters at Berkeley.
  4. Outspokes Launches, Demo’s at TechCrunch50
    Coverage of the Outspokes team at TechCrunch50 2009 in San Francisco.
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